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The Best Things of Keeping a Corydoras Sterbai

The best thing about the Corydoras Sterbai would be its distinctive and wonderful appearance. Such fish have white spots against dark on its head and on its body comes with an intermingling of dark and light. Because of the eye-catching markings and sweet nature of the Corydoras Sterbai, it is considered to be one of the best fish that one could own.

Another thing about the Corydoras Sterbai is where it comes with scale hues that are in contrast to most of the Corydora. Most Corydoras have dark spots with a background that’s white. It in fact gives out the Corydoras Sterbai with a bold and striking look.

Such fish comes with gold markings that highlights both the body and the edge of the fins which truly gives a stunning effect. It also does not harm shrimps, snails or live plants. It is essential to make sure also that the neighbor of this fish is as friendly as them.

Lifespan and Size

The Corydoras Sterbai will also live on an average of 5 years. It is possible if being kept healthy and also in quality conditions. Some can even live much longer. It could in fact live longer in groups and they mostly are happiest with the group.

Most of the Corydoras Sterbai however only lives briefly in captivity. It is mostly because of improper tank conditions. In order for you to have your Corydoras Sterbai live longer, it is best that you provide the needed accessories for your tank in order to give the best for your fish.

If you allow the fish to grow into adulthood, this fish will be able to grow between 2 – 2.5 inches. Most of the Corydoras Sterbai are sold in the size of .5 – 1.25 inches which still have plenty of growth potential. When you keep your fish right until it reaches maturity, you will actually get the benefit of watching the Corydoras Sterbai have a unique personality and coloring.

The Corydoras Sterbai are in fact best tank companions. Also, they are peaceful grazers and they also are very willing for interacting with others. All that it actually needs would be some space along the bottom of the tank where they could retreat when needed.

The Corydoras Sterbai also prefers the kind of water like the tropics. This also have tolerance for higher temperatures than other types of Corydoras. This would be thanks with where it comes from originally such as in Brazil. It is important however to never forget to keep these fish in groups of 4 – 6 and to likewise feed it correctly and you surely will get years of pleasure.

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