Team Of 24 (G-24)

DEFINITION of ‘Group Of 24 – G-24’

The G-24 is a group of 20-four international locations that was recognized in 1971. Its target is to perform with each other to coordinate the positions of building international locations on worldwide financial and advancement finance difficulties. The G-24 international locations also perform together to assure that their passions had been sufficiently represented in negotiations on worldwide financial matters. G-24 is a chapter of the Team of 77 (G-77). The G-77 is the most significant intergovernmental group of building states in the United Nations (UN).

BREAKING DOWN ‘Group Of 24 – G-24’

G-24 Membership is strictly confined to 24 international locations, but any member of the G-77 can be part of discussions. China has been a “specific invitee” because 1981. Even though it is not an organ of the International Monetary Fund, the International Monetary Fund provides services for the Team. Meetings of the G-24 are attended by heads of the Environment Financial institution Team, the International Monetary Fund, and senior UN officers. The group meets two occasions for every yr.

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